Cherish every moment. Always look for positive, rather than negative, in everything and everyone. Seems so simple, yet most of us tend to first think of the negative before the positive. I recently stayed in a hotel where the rooms were mediocre (at best), and they always ran out of clean beach towels. I found myself immediately thinking negatively and how gross the room was and that the customer service wasn’t great. I had to consciously tell myself to look at the positive! The positives were the hotel was literally on the beach, nice pool and outside bar and live music at night. In addition, I had to remind myself places I stayed when I was a kid with my family were not great. This, I’m sure, was better than hotels my mom could afford for us as kids. And here I was being negative! Luckily I caught myself at what I was doing; and forced myself to change my MIND-set. As soon as I pointed out to myself the positive, my head immediately felt better and I felt calmer and happier. I finally saw the beauty of what was right in front of me.

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And all that aside… I’m alive! More and more lately I’m reminded how lucky I am to be alive. Seems so cliché, but so true! Recently I lost a friend of mine in a scuba diving accident, one of my best friends grandmother suddenly got ill and passed away, now that same friend’s mom had a lung cancer scare and another best friend of mine dad died suddenly (without warning) at only 61 years of age in middle of night in sleep due to a mechanical issue with his heart. Then that same other best friend (whose dad died so young), brother died 19 days after the dad at only 31 years of age!! Was also heart related and sudden. I’m having trouble getting my head around all of this! I know there is no sense in trying to make sense of it, but as humans we try to. I’m at a loss for words for my friends (who I have known since we were little kids). I put myself in their shoes and my heart cry’s for them and their families. I don’t know how I would cope. I don’t know how they are coping or how they should cope. I feel so helpless. I so badly want to help my friends, but this is one thing there is nothing I can do to help. I can only pray for them and hug them and keep reminding them I love them.

My one peace is knowing we all have a predetermined path in life; and that everyone I know in this life I have known in a past life and will know in my next life. (Makes me smile every time when I think of that.) The unfortunate thing is we don’t know where our paths will lead. It is sort of like the brick path is only shown to us one brick at a time. There is one fact in life; EVERYTHING CHANGES and EVERYTHING ENDS. We just don’t know when. And those two things that seem to be (for me anyhow) the two most hardest things to deal with, change and endings. But we can’t stop trying to make the best life for our soul in THIS life. It is our duty to our soul to KEEP TRYING, KEEP LIVING.

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Something I wish I learned a long time ago: truly cherish every moment, look at positive in everything and everyone, life’s’ constants are change and endings.