Had a awesome Vinyasa class this morning at Onyx Mind Body in Warren! A student came up to me after class to tell me how much she enjoyed it. Yey, I love hearing feedback! She hasn’t been doing Yoga for a while, so she felt challenged in some of the poses. She took breaks when needed. Remember when doing your own Yoga practice (whether at home or in a studio) to HONOR YOUR BODY. Do what is best for YOU! Take a break if needed, maybe by doing child’s pose or Tadasana (mountain pose) or Savasana (corpse pose), and/or simply don’t hold the poses as long.

That same student also informed me her knee has been bothering her and she couldn’t hold the balances long. No problem! She did the perfect thing. You can still balance, but not as long. Of course if it hurts too much, maybe best not to balance at all. Balancing can be tough on knees and ankles because all your weight is on one leg.

Always remember your Yoga practice is for YOU! We are all at different levels and have different bone structures, so your pose may look different from your neighbors and you may be able to do different things than your neighbor can or can’t.


Shanti Om